Sunday, November 09, 2008

This Definitely Said During The Development of Halo 3

“We can pretty much ignore the single player experience, right? People are only buying this for playing online anyway.”

“Just cut and paste, no one will notice.”

“You know what I really enjoy? Being lost. Can we put that in?”

“Can we make this level a little easier to get turned around in?”

“The player will fight his way all the way through this complex, then backtrack all the way out again. We love the second level so much we’re gonna send the player through it three times!”

“Bosses? We already have the Scarab tank…just give a regular enemy a fuck-ton of hit points and a new texture.”

“You know what would make Master Chief even cooler? If we give him a totally clichéd B-Movie action hero voice. Find the best guy we can hire for fifteen bucks.”

“No, I don’t find the idea of hinting at a romantic relationship between a genetically engineered super-soldier and a semi-naked computer AI is creepy at all.”

“This is the fifth place that the player will be put into extremely cramped, close-quarters with the bad guys with one hit kill weapons….what?”

“Ok, the grunts. We’ve made it obvious that they’re only fighting because they’re being forced to, made it obvious they don’t actually want to fight and added dialogue to show they get honestly shocked, sad, appalled and terrified when one of their friends gets killed. Plus, they’re about three foot tall and pretty goddamned weak…is there any way we can make the player feel any worse when he has to shoot one?”

“Actually I think it adds to the challenge of the game the way the Arbiter randomly walks of cliffs or just stares at walls instead of helping the player.”

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