Friday, November 07, 2008

We don't use the 'S' word.

In October, Muslim Cleric Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan called for women to wear a full veil that reveals only a single eye.

Why, you ask?

Because Muhammad al-Habadan said that showing both eyes ‘encourages women to wear eye make-up to look seductive.’

I read this and had a good laugh at it. That the use of eye-make-up might cause a man to lose control of himself and commit adultery…which of course would be the woman’s fault for being a total ridiculous.

I mean, if you show me both eyes and you’re wearing mascara and eye shadow…how do you expect me to react when faced with such sexual indecency?

Then I stopped laughing.

You see, last year a vaccine for the cancer causing Human Papilloma Virus was developed right here in the US…and quickly became the cause of a hell of a lot of controversy.

Why? Was it too expensive? Were there tons of negative side effects? Did it kill people?


The HPV vaccine is surrounded in controversy because a bunch of parent’s with their heads up their asses said that giving teenage girls a potentially life-saving vaccination against a sexually transmitted disease ‘will encourage teen girls to have pre-marital sex’.

Yeah. We laugh at the middle east being backwards because they demand their women be completely covered up to hide their sexuality in case it ‘inflames men’s passions’. But right here in the US people who will deny their own daughters a potentially life-saving vaccine…because they can’t face the thought that their seventeen year old might have sex before marriage.

That makes about as much sense as refusing to teach kids to swim because teaching them to swim will encourage them to go into the water and be at risk of drowning.

Not to mention the USA’s ignorance only…sorry, I mean abstinence only… approach to sexual education, because if we teach our children how to have sex safely, they just might do it.

Yeah…there are enough ultra-conservative religious crazies right here in the USA without us having to look to the middle east.

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Kelly said...

I'm with you on that. The whole religion 'thing' passes me by. That's not to say I don't have faith that there's something after 'all this'....but i am sure as hell not going to live my life according to a book that was written (and probably made up!!) many years ago.

Wouldn't we all do better to live by good moral values, than by following a book that is at best 'open to interpretation'?

I never read the whole thing, but doesn't it states 'an eye for an eye' in one place and 'turn the other cheek' in another?
No wonder people are confused!