Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Would Lindsay Lohan Do?

I was watching the local news last night when during the opening, one of the anchors said:

“…and see one of the many reasons that Obama’s election campaign turned down Lindsay Lohan’s help.”

I sighed inwardly.

Since when is anything Lindsay Lohan does newsworthy? Isn’t that the sort of ‘news’ that’s meant to be reported in the supermarket tabloids and magazines? Believe it or not, I don’t actually give a damn what Lindsay Lohan says. I don’t care if Brad and Angelina are having trouble and I really don’t care about the latest exploits of Tim Cruise.

Celeb gossip has its place…namely in the papers and magazines read by teenagers and the intellectually subnormal. When I turn on the news, I want to hear about world events and things that actually matter…not that some celebrity bint’s shoes didn’t match her dress.

Anyway, when we finally got to the Lindsay Lohan story…I sighed again.

The big headline news story was that Lindsay Lohan thinks it’s a good thing that we have our first ‘colored’ President.

That’s the story. Lindsay Lohan mirrors the opinion of the country at large… but used the word ‘colored’.

My response was…Yeah? And?

First of all, thanks to the politically correct assholes, it really is difficult to keep track of what the ‘acceptable’ terms are from day to day.

I mean, first it was ‘Black’, then ‘Black’ was racist, so ‘Colored’ became acceptable. Then ‘Colored’ was declared racist and ‘African-American’ became acceptable. Then, of course, the same people decided that it was racist to say ‘African-American’, because there are a lot of black people who aren’t African or American…so ‘Black’ became acceptable again.

My point is that it’s purely a matter of opinion of what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Which brings me to my second point.

This was a headline news story. A rather untalented actress, while stating she thought a black President was a good thing, said ‘colored’ instead of today’s current ‘acceptable term’.

Basically, why would I give a fuck what some crappy B-list drug addict actress thinks about the new President anyway?…and why would I care that she called Barrack Obama ‘colored’? I mean, she obviously supports Obama considering she volunteered to help his campaign and was making a statement on how glad she is he got elected…so what does it matter what term she used for ‘black’.

Long story short, this wouldn’t have been newsworthy even if Lohan had said “I hate that fucking nigger! He should be picking cotton for his owner! KKK forever!” Because, honestly, who gives a fuck what Lindsay Lohan thinks? The fact she was so obviously not being racist makes it even worse.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s news, when Clay Aiken shows his support for an Asian congressman and accidentally calls him ‘oriental’ instead of ‘asian’.


Sunny said...

I agree- who really gives a rats arse what ANY celeb has to say nowadays?

I'd rather hear what the average joe off the street has to say, to be honest.

Marie said...

Ok so to be politically correct Paul, are you "English" or "British"? Or maybe "English-American"? I dont want to offend you in any way. :) sorry couldnt help it