Monday, January 14, 2008

Practice, man. Practice

So I sighted in my new rifle scope today. Have to say I was impressed. Nothing like actually being able to clearly see what you’re shooting at.

However, what today’s short shooting session really pointed out to me was just how out of practice I am. Last year at this time (when it finally gets cool enough to spend any kind of time outside), it seemed that shooting at a distant target was about as hard as pushing a doorbell.

However, it’s been so long since I’ve gone shooting on a regular basis, it’s like learning all over again. Where my rifle used to snap into my shoulder and fit like it was part of my body…this time it feels more obtrusive.

I sighted in the scope for 25 yards. For me, this is the best sighting in distance because it keeps the point of impact at plus or minus less than an inch out to about 70 yards.

Sighting in went well, and I was shooting about half inch groups at 25 yards. It was when I moved my target out to 50 yards that everything went all to hell. I doubled the distance but quadrupled my group size.

Just under 2” at 50 yards. Not very impressive at all…especially compared to the sub 1” groups I was shooting last year.

Luckily, I can salve my ego a little by pointing out that it was windy, I was shooting from the sitting position instead of from a rest and that I was using very cheap bulk ammo. On a calm day, using ammo that costs more than ten bucks for 550 rounds I probably could have got those groups a lot tighter…but I still can’t deny I need practice.

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