Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Like we needed more proof...

It's not unusual for Buddy to start barking at something when he's let out at night.

Normally I just open the front door, call his name and he comes charging in, desperate to be let off his leash so he can go see off the interlopers. (I never do that of course...I'd hate to see what would be left of him if he started snapping at a buck's heels or decided to take on a whole family of racoons).

Anyway, today he started barking, and wanting to see exactly what it is he was barking at, I take out the flashlight. What do I see?

There, right at the very edge of where Buddy's leash will stop him, there's a stray cat calmly cleaning itself, looking totally unconcerned while Buddy barks and growls his head off...mere inches away.

Yup, that's a cat for you. It knows it's mere presence is pissing Buddy right off, but also knows exactly how far buddy can go before he runs out of slack on his leash. It knows it's safe and gets sadistic pleasure from pissing off the dog.

If it wouldn't have meant a 30 minute chase around the property to get him back in, I SO would have unhooked his leash from the porch.

Stoopid cat.

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Sunny said...

Yeah- I think they have learned just how far he can go on that lead....the simple solution would be for us to go get another length of that cable for him so he will have a bit of a suprize waiting the next time those smug little bastards come calling.