Sunday, January 20, 2008

Definately NOT about me....Understand???

Ok, I’m not going to say exactly how I know this…just take my word for it, k?

If you ever find yourself in the midst of a ‘toilet paper situation’ (IE, there isn’t any) and you just happen to spot a box of Kleenex on the bathroom counter…make sure it isn’t that stuff that’s been impregnated with mentholated oil before using it to ‘take care of business’.

You see, it starts with a slightly cool tingle that is, quite frankly, ‘refreshing’. Pretty soon you’ll start to think of the possibilities of marketing mentholated toilet paper. That unbeatable clean, fresh feeling. Its cooling properties after last nights chilli…or the slim possibility of ‘minty-fresh’ farts.

Unfortunately, within a couple of minutes, it goes from ‘minty fresh’ to a feeling that can only be described as walking around with an extremely cold ice-cube stuffed up your brown eye.

Not that this happened to me or anything…it was a friend of mine who told me about it…uhhhh, yeah…a friend…that’s it.


amanda said...

Okay so which friend of yours, would tell you these very detailed things and allow you to publish it online lol...

MC Etcher said...

Tell your friend we're sorry, and give him a hug from us. (make sure you chuckle a little as you do)