Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Missus is Awesome

Well, in less that five hours, I officially turn 27.

I think this is the first birthday that I’m not 100% looking forward to. You see, 26 was great, still in my prime…I mean, 26 is basically the same as 21, right?

Well, this year I can’t deny any more that I’m pushing 30. Of course, once you hit 30, 40’s just around the corner and once you’re 40 you’re halfway to 80!

Is there such a thing as a ‘quarter and a bit’ life crisis?

Well, anyway, trust my fantastic missus to know exactly the right thing to do to put me in the right frame of mind.

Last year she bought me a birthday cake, which is pretty much like Hendrix coming to your birthday party and playing a tape of someone else playing ‘Happy Birthday’ on guitar. This year she asked me what kind of cake I wanted, meaning chocolate, vanilla etc…

I of course said “I want a cake that looks like Optimus Prime kicking the crap out of Megatron”.

Later I wanted a Fantastic Four cake, but only if she could get Jessica Alba’s cleavage just right. (I got smacked upside the head for that one). Then a Thundercats cake, or a Spiderman cake…there were many more, but I won’t bore you with them here.

So this morning we went out for breakfast and to get some last minute ingredients for my birthday cake. (We also had a run in with a half psycho, half OCD ‘self checkout’, but that’s another story). We came home and went to bed.

Well, I got up this afternoon to find Sunny had got up early and made me this:

I think you’ll agree it’s ass-slappin’ awesome.

Do I have the best missus ever, or what?


Saffyre said...

She SLAVED over that cake - I hope you made it worth her while!!! lol

Happy Birthday!!!!!! (old git...)

MC Etcher said...

Happy birthday!

Sunny said...

Thank you Paul, baby. It's nice to be appreciated.