Thursday, January 31, 2008


Yup, got G-Mod and decided to start a webcomic. Here it is, notes to follow.

Click the image to see full size:

Ok, let me start by saying posing models in G-Mod is an absolute bitch, because all the models have 'gravity' as you're trying to pose them. More than once I got everything just where I needed it and accidentally 'unlocked' the torso...meaning the model would just flop hanging from where I'd locked it's hands.

I need practice, what can I say?

Ok, 'behind the scenes' info for my fellow geeks.

1) Because posing was such a bitch, the pose in panel 1 and panel 6 is exactly the same pose, but viewed from different angles, with a different facial expression and a shotgun added.

2) In panel 3 you'll see there's a shotgun and an SMG on the table. I was originally going to have 'nine' ask how a gigantic grenade makes it out of that tiny second barrel (as well as how they come from nowhere) but realised I'd end up adding three or four more panels for what is essentially the same joke. I Re-shot the close-up but forgot to remove the SMG from the long shot.

3) The close up in panel 5 is a total cheat. Rather than pose a ragdoll and spend a couple hours trying to get the hands to look right, I just spawned a 'live' model, walked towards her so she backed up, lifting the shotgun, and then turned the AI off, freezing her in place.

4) Eagle-eyed readers might notice that one of the doors on the lockers behind 'Nine' mysteriously vanishes in the last panel. This is because when I moved the ragdoll from its original position, I accidentally slammed her into the locker, knocking the door off. I had a choice of leaving the door off, or starting again from scratch. You can see what option I took.

Anyway, depending on the response, I'm going to try to shoot for maybe one or two comics a week.

Hope you enjoy!

[edit] For some reason, blogger is re-scaling the comic, even when you click to see 'full size'. It's about half as big as it's supposed to be. Hopefully it's still big enough to read clearly.


Saffyre said...

Hmm, did this blog become Geek-ology?

Where are the rants I so look forward to?????

Paulius said...

Well, I pretty much quit writing 'Geekology', pretty much because no one reads it.

The rants'll still be here. Maybe one about a stroppy Brit who gets mad when she doesn't get exactly what she wants ALL THE TIME!!!

Saffyre said...

Yes that's right!! It's all about me - i'm glad you noticed.