Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Like Being On Drugs...Without The Fun.

Pretty much since I moved here, Sunny has worked nights.

To keep our schedules sort of similar (so I wasn't going to bed when she's getting up and vice versa), I altered my sleeping pattern to match hers.

This meant that for the past three years, my normal hours have been going to bed between 8 and 9am, and getting up mid-afternoon. It's a really tough habit to break. Since college, I've always held semi-nocturnal hours.

Then Sunny's shift changed, and she started going to work at around three in the afternoon, and coming home at midnight. It was tough to readjust, but I'd almost managed it when her shift changed yet again, and suddenly she's leaving for work at 8pm and arriving home at about 6am.

Right now, it's about two thirty in the morning, and my internal clock is thoroughly confused.

Part of my brain is telling me that it's really late and that I should go to bed, another part is telling me it's the equivalent of early morning, and another part is telling me it's mid-afternoon.

Who knew that confusion could be a 'normal' ground state of being?

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