Friday, August 03, 2007

Anniversary! Woohoo!

Ok, let me start by saying that EC4A Episode 6 has just been posted.

I think I've finally 'arrived', new episodes aren't so much 'eagerly awaited' as 'impatiently demanded'. Unfortunately, the only person eagerly awaiting or impatiently demanding is MC Etcher...but who cares? If you can pick your battles, you can pick your victories as well.

Anyway, this is a very special blog post today.

I completely and totally missed my second year bloggerversary, and by the time I noticed I'd been blogging for two years, it was too far past to bring it up.

Today, however, is my 600th blog post.

That works out roughly to a post every two days, and I average around 1500 words per post. That means this blog contains roughly nine hundred thousand words!

No wonder I'm so fecking knackered.

Anyway, shout out time to everyone who kept me interested in blogging and gave me the motivation to keep writing. In no particular order:

MC Etcher
Ozzy C
Cindy (who 's blog we all miss...HINT HINT!)

There's probably someone I've missed, but the truth is I've felt like crap all day, spent the last two hours recording the latest EC4A (which fought me all the way), so if I've missed you out, cut a blogga some slack.

To close this very special blog post, and in the finest tradition of "Life, What the Hell is Going On", I'm going to blatantly rip off someone's idea. (Sorry Kato).

EC4A needs you! (Imagine a dude in a top hat pointing at you next to that last sentence).

Ideas are coming slower and slower, so if you have any ideas for topics to cover, send them to me at

Anyone who gives me an idea I use gets their blog mentioned on the show, which is advertising to literally TENS of people!

Well, thanks all for reading, and hopefully I'll someday I'll be celebrating my 1000th post.

Keep on bloggin'

"The Paulius"


mistyforeverlost said...

If I knew what a EC42d3d was...I would be more then happy to harrass you both on blogs and in world...I bet I could even get Bridget on the would be a huge twist of the arm, but I would manage.

Happy Belated Blogging!

Paulius said...

EC4A (or Earth Concepts For Aliens) is my weekly podcast. Look for the "my podcast" link in the sidebar.