Monday, August 13, 2007

Bloody Women.

So this morning Sunny comes in from work.

As is her usual habit, she reads the blogs before she goes to bed. She reads Kato's latest She calls me over so I can read the comment she left. Then she turns to me and says:

“You men and your tempers! Punching a monitor screen!” (In my comment I’d mentioned how in the past I’d got so frustrated at a computer I’d punched it ‘in the face’ as it were).

Now, I could have taken a cheap shot. Believe it or not, Sunny isn’t the mild-mannered ‘delicate flower’ she pretends to be. I’ve seen more than one household object take a one-way trip to the floor or wall when she gets really wound up. So instead, I took the more diplomatic approach. Knowing she’s worked on cars a lot, I say:

“Are you telling me that you’ve never been working on a car for hours, nothing’s working, and you get so frustrated you’ve kicked it?”

“No.” She says, sweetly.

I give her my “Yeah, right” look…before she continues:

“Well, I have thrown a couple of wrenches at one, but that’s different.”

Typical female thinking. If a guy does it, he’s being childish and throwing a temper tantrum. When a woman does it, she’s ‘handing out justice’.


Saffyre said...

That is right. I'm glad you understand the subtle differences between what we are allowed to do, and men are not.... (ducks and waits for things to be thrown)

MC Etcher said...

This man speaks the truth.

Sunny said...

You- MC- Zippit.

Bloody Men always taking up for each other.


Vicarious Living said...

So that's what I've been doing all these years? Handing out justice? Sounds fitting. Those office supplies and some-assembly-required furniture definitely deserved some justice.