Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Plants are Weird

So my Basil, Oregano and Parsley have sprouted. The Mint and Chives are still curiously MIA.

Walking past today I noticed that they where at a 90 degree angle, pointing towards the front door, the only natural light-source in the room they're in.

Here's the thing, as far as I know, plants do not have a brain, a will, sensory organs or muscles of any kind, so how:

a) Do they point towards the light?
b) Know the light is there?
c) Know that pointing towards the light is advantageous?

I mean, seriously. How come there's never one plant that gets it wrong and does everything it can to avoid the solar scareball and die?

Personally, I think it's all a big conspiracy by vegetarians...who are actually all part of a 10,000 year old secret sect who's mission is to rid the world of plants, which are actually the most advanced life-form on Earth, and we're all just unwitting pawns in their quest for world domination.


manda said...

uh hello smarty-pants, did you not seriously know plants did this??... uh yesyou know how trees on a mountain don't grow at a 90degree angle from the mountain, instead they grow up towards the sun........ and no they don't hav ea brain(duh i got that joke) but they have chloroplasts that make chlorophyll by sun.. and therefore what's the best thing for them to do... uh i really think/hope this blog was all a joke.

Saffyre said...

Paulius is way to intelligent to actually state this blog subject to be anything othing that his usual sarcasm......I hope!

MC Etcher said...

If I remember right, part of the photosynthesis process results in part of the plant's stem growing faster than the other part.

And anyone who's driven a tank can tell you, that'll turn ya.

Paulius said...


Manda, let me assure you that I DID know that plants turn towards the light.

It was meant to be...uh, you know...a joke?

Just for future reference, if I ask a question on this blog that seems OBVIOUSLY stupid...I'm being sarcastic...I'm clever enough to use google and wikipedia instead of writing "Hey, look how dumb I am!" posts.

But ya gotta ask yourself...how do they KNOW that sun is good for them?

(PS...that was ALSO a joke)

too lazy to log in said...

Ok, enough already. He has it figured out. There is no use in hiding it anymore. He is just too smart.

Paulius, join us in ridding the earth of plants or they will, I repeat, they WILL attack! They are bent on world domination!

*wonders of laughing, looking for Misty so we can plan a veggie attack on Paulius*