Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cats are Weird.

We bought Leonard one of those automatic pet-feeders. It's one of those that's just a feed bowl attached to a hopper. As he eats the food, more falls into his bowl. Simple, right?

Well, not for Leonard. Despite the fact his food bowl refills itself, because the hopper is transparent, he can see that there's more food in there than in his the annoying f**ker does everything he can to get into it...including standing on it, trying to get the lid off and knocking the whole damn thing over.

It reminds me of the part in one of Terry Pratchett's novels were a spoiled little kid is surrounded by candy but is bawling his eyes out and not eating, because if he eats a piece of candy he won't be eating everything else.

His bowl's overflowing...but there's even more food in the hopper! He wants the bigger share dammit!

Plus, don't get me started on filling the cat's bowl, only to have Leonard charge into the dog's room when he hears me filling Buddy's bowl...and vice versa.

Anyone wanna adopt a 'special needs class' dog and dimwitted cat?

Didn't think so.

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manda said...

i will,.. if my mom would let me, because they seem very entertaining. my cat.. is smart. i have one of those things, but she eats it normally. duh. and technically you're not supposed to do that kind of things for cats. because they get fat. you're supposed to feed them like 1/4 of a size of meal you eat, like 2 or 3 times a day i think?.. and exercise, so I've got my cat runnin at the laser pointer, you should try that, i bet leonard would enjoy it, you'd get a bunch of stories from that lol