Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wacky Web Wanderings. (Or 'More Search Terms')

Ok, this needs no introduction. Here are the latest search terms the Inter-freaks have used that have landed them here, in my hallowed corner of the Interweb:

japanese game show girls penises 100 –pee

Uhhh, you want to see Japanese Game Show Girls with penises? I particularly like the ‘–pee’ at the end. “Yeah, I wanna see pictures of Asian girls with dicks, but no peeing! That’s disgusting!”


Nice to see a guy who isn’t fussy. The sheer abundance of porn on the internet! The only media in the world where you can write “Show me pictures of one legged women having sex with goats that are on fire”, and it replies “Specify type of goat”. Any particular kind of porn? Nah, just tits please.

Strength for now, Strength for later

“Hey Jim, I saw this thing on the TV, where these guys give you a job, and you get to go around the world, shooting at people and stuff!”

“Hell yeah! Who are they?”

“I have no idea, but I know their slogan! Let’s look it up on one of those computer thingies they have in that building with the movies…you know, the library!”


Not only are these people dumb enough to believe they can make a million a week by working from home, not only do they not notice that the actual website changes every time the ad is on (despite the fact they assert that this is the ONE website you need to visit), they can’t tell the difference between the address bar and the search bar.

President Bush road kill grill south Carolina


Study that TV Shows Ignore Reality

Looking for a quick paper for your Media Studies coursework, sir?

Maysan Curry Sauce

The absolute best available. If you find somewhere to buy it in the USA, please let me know

Studio Dink Cheesecake Sketches


That’s all I have to say about that.

Self Defence Women His Balls

There are a lot of women out there who are just dying to perform a cock-ectomy. Under ‘self defence women’, I’ve also had ‘kicking balls’, ‘punching balls’, ‘stabbing balls’ and ‘stomping balls’

(Guys, you can uncross your legs now)


MC Etcher said...

Mmmn, Curry. If only Cindy liked it. She claims I'm stinking up the house when I make it.

Also Tits minus pee for me, thanks.

OzzyC said...

Those crazy Japanese will make a game show about anything.

Perdita said...

I'm just disappointed you didn't have links

The Girl said...

try for the food stuff you lack.