Sunday, February 19, 2006

De-Lurking Spray

Ok, I’ve got a bone to pick with you people.

Whilst scanning my stats, I’ve discovered that I have about 40 hits per day, 20 of which are regular visitors.

Now, if memory serves me correctly, I know of only four or five people who actually comment on this blog. I also know a few of the other readers who don’t, or rarely, comment (Hello, Mum, Dad, Jim and Gill).

So, out of 20 regular visitors, only about 8 of you comment.

So it’s about time that “Life, What the Hell is Going On?” was given a bloody good de-lurking.

So, all you quiet type readers out there…Make Yourself Known! I don’t need a life story, just gimme a ‘Hello’ in the comments section.

If you don’t, I’ll set fire to your teddy-bears.


Ron Bramlett said...

OK OK. I check your blog at least twice a day. I have a favorites folder on my browser that's just blogs and yours is the first one I check. Pure comedy. You should have a sitcom.



Shalebug said...

Hello. Delurking as requested. You are bookmarked 'cause I like your attitude! Keep it up!

The Girl said...

Hi Paulius. I think I've commented on your wife's blog more.

Your rants and twists to stories just make my day!


Anonymous said...

hey there paulius,

delurking at your request. Love yer rants. Keep it coming.


Invisible Lizard said...

Hello from the Teddy Bear Liberation Front.

Anonymous said...

I hope you weren't referring to my teddy bears
Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

I don't lurk I just quietly peruse your blog, keep in touch, find out how my cousin's life is going on over there in the US of A.

P.s you can burn all my teddy bears - but you have to come & get them. Which means a visit to your hometown and introduce your lovely wife to the mob - sorry family.

MC Etcher said...

Hello from the Judean Teddy Bear Liberation Front.

Paulius said...

Don't you mean the Teddy Bear Liberation front of Judea?

Silver Creek Mom said...

I just started coming today DUDE. SO to be polite I have commented and I have linked you at my sight. Good blog.
And I go to Sunnys sight as much as I can. :)

Kato said...

I don't lurk, but here I am commenting anyway.