Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Should Be Interesting

Well, earlier this week, I promised Sunny I’d run another DnD Dungeon Crawl tonight.

Figuring I’d make it easy on myself, I thought I’d just run an ‘official’ Dungeon Delve for first level characters instead of making one from scratch again. The Dungeon Master’s Guide has a handy little formula for adjusting Encounters to fit your player’s group size and level.

Well, it turns out that it doesn’t really work for two-player parties. First of all, following the rules exactly means something that started out as an epic ‘Helm’s Deep’ style encounter on the page becomes something closer to a minor barfight. Seriously, in one encounter we go from 10 bad guys to three, and secondly, it assumes you have all the bases covered class wise…I won’t go into detail, but basically, an encounter that’s really easy if you have an artillery character or a healer become much, much harder if you don’t.

I obviously didn’t want to make fights easier by all but removing them, so I’ve tried to finesse it a bit by keeping most of the bad guys in and buffing the player characters by giving them a couple of extra hit points and loaning them a few magic items with nice bonuses.

Sure, technically, they’re not ‘legal’ characters, and I don’t know where a 1st level character would get some +3 magic armor and a +5 sword…but this is just a one shot to help get Sunny properly accustomed to the game…so who cares?

I should be interesting. To be completely honest, after going over everything for the third time, I don’t know if we’ll go through this dungeon crawl like a hot knife through butter or we’ll get completely wiped out in the first encounter…but it’ll definitely be interesting.

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Sunny said...

We did good I thought! Plus- by you adjusting things a bit- you had me playing and not getting frustrated while getting a good feel for the game and rules. I'm thinking if we do this just once a week for just a couple hours- I'll be ready to play with a group when we get situated so we can find one. Thank you for not giving up on getting me to play!