Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Home made 3D glasses.

I loves me some 3D.

Today, while pressing the stumble button, I found a website with a ton of 3D pictures and videos. While I still have my eDimensional shutter glasses, the videos on the site were the old school red and blue glasses type.

I do not own a pair of red and blue 3D specs.

The website has a tutorial for making your own glasses that essentially boils down to printing out some frames onto card stock, coloring in some cellophane with red and blue felt tips, then gluing them onto the frames.

This gave me an idea.

Recently, for my DnD campaign, I purchased a pack of wet-erase pens. I also have an old pair of glasses in my drawer.

So I dug out my old glasses (my prescription has changed since I got them, so it was no biggie if I ruined them), and colored the lenses with the red and blue wet erase markers. The ink coverage wasn’t great, but coloring both sides of the lenses fixed that problem.

They worked…well.

Better yet, I expected to have to work to get the ink off the lenses, but cleaning them was as simple as running them under cold water for five seconds.

Ok, so I take absolutely no responsibility if this doesn’t work for you and you completely ruin your glasses…but it worked for me, and as someone who wears glasses anyway, it was awesome not having to wear two pairs at once or go without my regular specs to see.


Sunny said...

That was a damn excellent idea!!!

MC Etcher said...

Cool! You should send this to Lifehacker!