Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is Evidence if I'm brutally murdered.


After recording this week's podcast, I got Sunny to record a quick into and outro... it should have been simple, but ended in death threats.


Sunny said...

Dammitt Man- you said you was gonna edit out all the evil parts!!!! hahahahaha Oh well.....!!

MC Etcher said...

Since we all know that Sunny is a sweetheart, no jury would convict her. Any violence must have been deserved!

Paulius said...


Sunny, a 'sweetheart'?

Whooooo! (wipes tear of laugher from his eye).

All it would take is one drive in heavy traffic with her to change that opinion.

Also, did I mention she's a trained marksman who can literally strike a match a 50 yards with a Glock?