Saturday, November 28, 2009

Women don’t get it.

I got out of bed yesterday morning to discover that my darling wife had rearranged some furniture, including moving the couch.

The women won't understand why this is a problem, but the guys will as soon as I say two words:

"Surround Sound".

You see, when we first got our surround sound system almost four years ago, I hooked up the speakers but as it was quite late, decided to put of positioning them until the next day. The next day I got out of bed to discover that Sunny had put them up and her placement technique appeared to be "Wherever there's a spare bit of wall on the correct side of the TV is where the speaker goes."

Our living room is long and thin and the TV is on one of the broad walls…and the way sunny had positioned the speakers meant that the front left speaker was about three feet to the left of the TV while the front right was nearly 15 feet away from the TV.

…they were also at different heights.

This is one of the ways I know that my missus has no idea how the male mind works, and has absolutely no clue how the male geek mind works.

You see, what my missus knows is that I immediately took all the speakers down and repositioned them so they were at the same height and each was an equal and symmetrical distance from the TV.

What she doesn't know is when she left for work that night, I spent a couple of hours with a tape measure positioning each speaker precisely, before slipping an audio test CD in the DVD player and sitting in my place on the couch with my eyes closed and the remote in my hand adjusting the speakers until they were perfectly calibrated.

The way I see it is that Sunny was happy with the speakers all over the place, so even with the speakers perfectly calibrated for where I sit, she was still getting a much better surround sound experience.

Then, she just gets up in the morning and moves the damn couch.

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Sunny said...

6 freaking INCHES!!!!!! So we BOTH could see the new TV and have a GREAT picture instead of me getting a fuzzy pic from looking at it at a HUGE angle!!!
Re-DO the speakers. No Biggie. Jeeeeeezuuuuuuus H. CHRIST!!!!!

We need a Duplex..... your side- and MY side- joined by one HUGE Master Bedroom....but separate BATHS!!!!

Oh, you make my head hurt, MAN!!!!
But I love you anyway!! ;-)

I feel a He said- She said blogpost coming on.....I really do!!!