Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hi-Tech Hog Hunting

Sunny and I have been having a little trouble recently with a groundhog that's taken up residence under our house. Not only is the sound of it moving around driving the cat bonkers, we can hear it gnawing on the floor joists under the living room.

Well, early this afternoon, I saw the cat do a classic double-take out of the living room window and I went over to see what had him so interested. I was expecting to see a few birds pecking at the ground, but instead, tha fat bastard annoying groundhog was jus standing directly in front of the window.

Of course, by the time I got my shoes on, grabbed my shotgun, got the ammo out of the safe and opened the door, it had dissapeared under the house again.

So I had the idea to put some apples out in front of the house as bait, but realised that unless I wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon staring out the window, I'd never spot it again.

Then, I had a brainwave.

I fired up Sunny's laptop, plugged in it's webcam and set it up pointing out of the kitchen window at where I placed the apples. Then I called my desktop computer over skype...and now I have an ad-hoc 'security camera' keeping an eye out for the little bastard while I watch a couple episodes of Torchwood on the computer.

Just call me MacGuyver.

Oh, and when I finally do get the little bastard, I'm making some goddamn slippers out of him.


Sunny said...

And I'm sure you WILL get him soon.......lately the little bastard has gotten cheekily brave about showing himself in he daytime.

Sunny said...
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