Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Missus…

Earlier this year, Sunny and I decided to save up all our cash in the hope of being able to afford a new TV for Christmas. Not only do we have HD service through our cable company that we aren't using, playing the Xbox 360 on a 28" Standard Definition TV isn't great.

Unfortunately, as I've blogged about, a lot of unforeseen expenses cropped up, and it turned out we couldn't afford one.

Then, a few weeks ago, Sunny and I were at the local Wal-Mart and discovered that there'd been another price drop, and while we couldn't afford the 40" 1080p TV we originally had our eye on, thanks to some generosity from my awesome parents, we could afford a nice 32" 720p set…which to be completely honest is just about the perfect size for our living room.

The thing is, Sunny hasn't really been showing a lot of enthusiasm for the new TV. She's had a definite 'take it or leave it' attitude since we realized we could just about afford it actually decided to buy one.

I talked about how much better the 360 games look on a HD set, and Sunny (hardly surprisingly) didn't care. When I pointed out we had a ton of HD channels and a crap load of on-demand HD movies available on our current cable plan, she showed a tiny bit of interest, but wasn't even close to what you'd call 'excited'.

The closest she came to showing any enthusiasm was when I pointed out that, next year, she could watch the thanksgiving day parade on it. Then today…

"OH MY GOD!!!!" Said Sunny, completely out of nowhere, giggling like a schoolgirl.

"What?" I asked.

"When we get the new TV…we can watch the Yule Log at Christmas and it will be like we have a fireplace!!!"

"Uhhh, we can watch the Yule Log on this TV." I pointed out.

"Yeah, but the new one's widescreen." She said, like she was pointing out something painfully obvious to a complete idiot.

"What difference does it make?" I asked.

"It's widescreen! It's oblong! It'll look more like a real fireplace!"

"Tell you what." I said. "We'll put the old TV in the bedroom, and I'll make a surround for it that cuts off the top and bottom of the screen. I'll even make it look like a mantle…"

"Yeeeaaaaahhh?" Said Sunny.

"Then you can sit in the bedroom and watch a bit of wood burn on that TV, while I use the new HD flat panel for something a little more worthwhile…like playing some COD 4."

"OKAY!" She said, like this was the best idea ever.

Women…I've been married to one for over five years now…and I still don't even have her one millionth of a percent figured out.

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Oh shit, that's funny