Monday, July 27, 2009

Stoopid Blood-sugar

Before I found out I was diabetic, I'd eat maybe once or twice a day, tops.

I hadn't eaten breakfast since I was about 10, and I'd just get up, eat one normal sized meal seven or eight hours later and maybe have a snack later on.

You can't do that with diabetes. I have to take my meds twice a day, once with breakfast and once with dinner. I also have to eat lunch because on my meds my blood sugar plummets if I don't (letting your blood sugar get down to 50 isn't a pleasant experience, trust me).

At first I could barely handle it. I never felt like eating in the mornings, and to eat breakfast at 9am and be eating lunch just four hours later…and then dinner about five hours after that, I just didn't understand how people could eat that much food that often. I was absolutely miserable. I never actually felt hungry because my body didn't get a chance to, so I was forcing down this food that I just didn't want to eat.

Now, those were the good old days.

My body has adapted to this new regimen and now I feel like I'm always hungry. I eat breakfast at 9am and by 11am I'm counting down until lunch. Within an hour of finishing lunch I want dinner. This isn't just "I could eat" hunger, I feel the same way two hours after eating that I used to feel if I didn't eat for 24 hours or more. The worst part is that I have to carefully plan and monitor what I eat. I can't just snack because if I make a quick sandwich mid afternoon, that raises my blood sugar which means it's high before I eat dinner which means it's really high after dinner and I get to spend the rest of the day feeling like crap.

Basically I'm used to eating when I'm hungry, not having to force myself to eat when I really don't feel like it and not being able to eat when I feel like I'm starving.

Oh well, on the upside, cutting out all the sugar in my diet has started to show in my waistline, so I may be miserable, but at least I'm sexy.

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