Thursday, July 09, 2009


I talked in my last post about how the past three or so years haven't exactly gone well for me and Sunny, and I answered Evan's post explaining why we tend to 'keep our guard up' because things keep going wrong.

Well, in the week or so running up to the writing of that post I wasn't feeling too good and had a constant thirst that wouldn't go away. Shortly after writing that post my vision started to go blurry and I started getting headaches. With Sunny being diagnosed with diabetes last year I recognized the symptoms. Unfortunately ignoring the symptoms didn't make them go away, denial didn't work and my eyes were getting progressively worse instead of better.

Last night I bit the bullet and tested my blood sugar with Sunny's meter. It almost 300 despite the fact I hadn't eaten for over eight hours. Normal is around 100 two hours after eating.

I went to the Doctor's this morning and, long story short, I have type 2 diabetes.

The thing that makes me honestly sad is just how ridiculously relieved I was when I got the news and discovered the meds were actually affordable.

I do my best to be as positive as possible, but I think this made my point better than my last post ever could. With all the health scares and things that have gone wrong over the past few years I'm actually at the point where being told I have diabetes and being put on meds for the foreseeable future actually makes me feel more relieved instead of scared.

Basically, I have diabetes, but it could have been something much, much worse.

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Evan 08 said...

You both have it?

That should make it easier to stick to the required dietary changes.