Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stupid responsibility

When I was a kid I promised myself I'd do three things when I was a grown-up and had my own house.

I'd eat a whole jar of strawberry jam with a spoon, I'd eat a whole block of cheese like a candy-bar and finally I'd drink a whole gallon of milk in one go.

Now I'm actually a grown up and can do those things, I don't want to. The worst part is that the cost of those items isn't the reason…it's because I know how unhealthy it is…meaning that even if I did say 'screw it' and did it anyway, the thought of all those calories, saturated fat and sugar would take all the fun out of the experience.

Conclusion: being a grown-up sucks.

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Anonymous said...

I always said I would turn up the heat rather then put on a sweater when I had my own house.
And I do... large heat bill, happy me!

it doesn't always suck