Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fight Night

I don't know if this happens with everyone who plays Fight Night: Round 3, but it turns out that my biggest 'rival' is a Mohawk-wearing, dirty-fighting 'headbutts-you –then-taunts-you-before-headbutting-you-again' fighter.

He's also completely and totally useless.

For example, my second biggest 'rival' is a character who is almost perfectly tuned for my skill level. Fights usually go the distance and are usually like chess games…epic battles where one mistake can be the difference between victory and defeat.

However, it's my biggest rival I want to talk about, mostly because he's effing hilarious.

You see, between fights you have a screen that shows ESPN and Pay-per-view style promos for upcoming fights. So, I have this 'rival' who talks smack about me, goes on TV and says I'm afraid of his 'awesome punching power' or that I'm 'afraid to give him a rematch', goes on about how he'll destroy me, picks fights with me at the weigh-ins, has the commentators going on about how charged our rivalry is…

…and then every single time we fight, I destroy him by knockout, usually in the first half of the first round.

It's great.

It's like I have an actual biggest rival, a guy who's an actual danger to me, who never talks smack, never fights dirty or tries to taunt me during a fight…and a completely useless, psychotic idiot who hates me for no reason, is convinced I'm his 'nemesis' and jumps at the chance to get his face punched in.

Isn't it awesome when a random collection of numbers designed to create a randomized fighter manages to create a whole soap-opera worthy narrative all by itself?

I bet his parents didn't hug him enough when he was just a wee binary string.

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