Monday, June 01, 2009

A Horrifying Revelation

I caught a little bit of the E3 coverage today and caught the trailer for the new Star Wars MMO.

As the trailer drew to a close I suddenly realized something. Every bit of Star Wars content that I've actually enjoyed over the past ten years has had nothing to do with George Lucas.

This actually made me sad. I realized that the cut-scenes from Force Unleashed were better in almost every way to every single one of the Star Wars prequels and the clone wars movie and TV series.

Are you listening George? The cut-scenes in a game had a better script, better direction and better acting than your movies.

Ok, I'm not exactly breaking new ground when I point out that the Star Wars prequels were little more than toy adverts and tech demos for Industrial Light and Magic, but I'm getting the feeling that Lucas really was an accidental genius. Someone who lucked into the amazing movies…the evidence for this being that the prequels objectively sucked, and the 'special editions' where Lucas claimed he 'fixed' the first three movies more or less ruined them.

It seems he's fixated on this one period in Star Wars history that isn't all that interesting. The Phantom Menace was about a freaking trade dispute. The Jedi throughout the entire prequel trilogy were neutered and weak to fit the rest of Lucas's badly thought out plot. We don't care about the clone wars George…at least not the way you wrote them. What's to be interested in? A fake war started by the Emperor so he could grab power, fought between bad guys who get wiped out, good guys who get almost wiped out and a clone army that switches sides. Who do we root for? The losers, the other losers or the clones who neither win or lose?

I watched the Star Wars MMO trailer and saw something I've wanted to see since I first saw 'A New Hope' when I was five years old. A whole bunch of trained, fully powered Jedi fighting a whole bunch of evil looking, red light saber-wielding Sith.

Basically George, do us all a favor and sell the rights to JJ Abrams, he did wonders with Star Trek, and with him directing, maybe the characters will do some of the really cool stuff that your characters just spent six movies talking about. A movie where the Jedi are actually powerful, the Sith are a significant and believable threat…and the climactic battle is hundreds of Jedi fighting hundreds of Sith…Not Obi-Wan winning a fight because he 'has the high ground'.

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