Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DDR for your brain.

My brain has a rather peculiar and, above all, annoying little habit.

Every so often I'll start to fall asleep and when I get to that usually fuzzy and pink area between being awake and being asleep… my brain suddenly decides to get involved in some random, repetitive and, above all, fictional task that stops me from falling asleep properly.

Last night I was trying to fall asleep and my brain…no shit…started playing a weird game of Dance Dance Revolution: 'Sleep Position Edition'. Basically, in my half asleep state it suddenly became very important to me that I lay on my side, then my back, then my side again, then on my stomach. The weird thing is that while half asleep, this actually seems logical.

Basically, the version of my mind that exists when I'm exactly halfway between sleeping and wakefulness has a crazy-assed imagination and is totally ADD. It picks something to fixate on and then I have to do the same thing over and over…which actually stops me falling asleep properly.

This just me?

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Evan 08 said...

Yeah... it's just you.