Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mother fuckers.

Remember a couple months ago when I wrote about getting charged $850 for a throat swab and a ten dollar pill?

Turns out that $850 wasn't enough. Today I got another bill for $380 for the Doctor. Yeah, after getting charged almost a thousand dollars to have a nurse swab my throat, they decide the full 45 seconds the Doctor spent in the room with me cost $380.

For those keeping score that over twelve hundred dollars for a throat swab, a ten dollar pill and forty-five seconds with the doctor.

I don't say this lightly. I'm seriously considering moving back to England.

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Woman atop her Soapbox said...

My husband is in the hospital right now and I was just running numbers to see what it would cost in America to have him in.

You can always object to the amount of the bill, in writing of course, to let them know the time spent with the doctor and level of care does not constitute an hourly rate of $2,000.

I sure hope Obama comes through with his health care ideas.