Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Some Things Can Not Be Unseen

Sometimes something can happen that really puts a downer on your whole day, perhaps your entire life..

In my favorites folder I have links to a number of ‘humorous video’ sites. Feeling a little bored, I pulled one up and started working my way through the list.

You can imagine the stuff. People falling down, dumbasses setting fire to themselves… and then I watched a video called “Granny’s reaction to ‘Two Girls one Cup’”.

This video is basically a shot of a little old lady watching a video on the internet and totally freaking out. Obviously, having not seen ‘Two girls one cup’, I had no idea what she was reacting to so I googled it.

Sometimes things are better left unknown.

So I find a link to the video and start it. The first 5 seconds of it looked like lesbian porn. Two ladies wearing not very much kissing each other.

Nice. I thought.

Then… one does a gigantic poop into a cup… then they both eat it like an ice-cream, then top it off by puking in each other’s mouths.

In that instant I permanently lost my appetite, considered canceling my internet service and seriously considered plucking my eyeballs out with a spoon.

It’s true what they say.

Some things can not be unseen.

If you feel like googling it to see what all the fuss is about…trust me…don’t.

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Enigma said...


I'm sorry I cannot come up with anything more intelligent than that at this moment. My mind is busy trying to remove the visual you just painted for me.

*gags and considers putting this blog in an "on-line diet" folder*