Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Heartwarming Christmas Story

I read the following story, and just had to repeat it here.

Apparently a father wanted to buy his teenage son “Guitar Hero 3” for the Nintendo Wii for Christmas. After driving hundreds of miles and visiting more stores than he could count, the father finally managed to score a copy. (If anyone out there in blogland has tried to get hold of a copy of GH3 for the Wii, you’ll know just how big a feat this is).

Unfortunately for the son, a few weeks before Christmas, his dad caught him smoking pot.

The Father said that while he has no real ‘problem’ with the ole wacky tobbacy, his son was working on getting an athletic scholarship and had sworn to his father that he wouldn’t drink, smoke or do anything else that would harm his health. Apparently his son had made a ‘solemn promise’

Well apparently this father took this promise a lot more seriously than his son did. With his son so easily breaking his word, the father thought long and hard about whether his son really deserved this hard-won Christmas present that he went to so much trouble to buy.

In a case of extreme awesomeness, the Father did something most parents wouldn’t think of. He put the copy of GH3 up on eBay, and showed the listing to his son.

Just to add yet another layer of awesomeness, the auction for Guitar Hero 3 (currently retailing at $90 for the game and controller) sold for the outrageous sum of $9100.01.

I believe this story has two morals:

1) Don’t make a deep, meaningful promise to your parents and then break it, otherwise they’ll sell cool shit that could have been yours on eBay.

2) Some people really need to learn a bit of patience. Nine grand for a frigging game that you’re gonna be bored off within weeks? Is getting it on Christmas morning really that big a deal?

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Dauragon said...

I saw that on Wiifanboy a while ago. I couldn't stop laughing for at least a half hour. That is truly an example of an awesome (and smart) parent.

My dad would have just tossed me over the balcony.