Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm scared.

So a couple months ago I watched the "Make Love Not Warcraft" Southpark episode.

I watched it again last night. Having played the game for over a month now, half way through the episode I found myself thinking:

"Huh, they got that wrong. That guy summoned scorpions AND cast fireballs. If he can cast fireballs he's a mage and mages can't summon!"

A few minutes later, Cartman came up with the plan to stay in the forest and kill boars for XP. Again, I thought:

"That wouldn't work. You don't get XP for killing things that are more than five or six levels below you."

Then, I started wondering how Stan was wearing the armor he was wearing considering how low-level he was meant to be:

"Pffft, he's wearing a coif! You can't get those until at least level 20, and I'm pretty sure he's wearing plate leggings, which you can't even get until level 40!"

It was only then I realised what I was thinking. After a few seconds shocked internal silence I thought:

"Damn, how nerdy am I?"

I mean, just this morning I felt the need to argue against a guy on another blog because he said the Enterprise D could take down a Star Destroyer. I had all my facts at hand. The Star Trek Universe is only a type 1 culture, where the Star Wars Universe is clearly a type 2!

Summoning all my willpower I managed to stop myself from getting into a nerdfight.

Yes, I'm a nerd. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

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MC Etcher said...

Well of course the Enterprise D could take out a Star Destroyer... Those things can be taken out by a couple X-Wings.