Wednesday, November 21, 2007

They must be doing this on purpose.

I've not watched G4 in over almost 2 years. I stopped watching shortly after it was bought by Comcast who totally ruined it.

Today, however, I was flicking through the channels, looking for something to watch and saw that 'X-Play' had a review of Assassin's Creed. Wanting to see that review I changed the channel to G4.

Now, since G4's buyout, I thought that X-Play was about the only show on that network that was still at least slightly worth watching. 5 minutes after I started watching, I changed the channel because I just couldn't take it.

I used to believe that G4 debacle was the result of a buyout by people who just didn't know what they were buying. They took a niche network and tried to go for mainstream popularity.

After watching X-Play for for five minutes, I'm honestly convinced that someone is deliberately trying to destroy this network.

Here's the deal. X-Play used to review games. Now, they still review games, but the entire bottom quarter of the screen is taken up by a 'live chat' ticker. Basically, while I'm trying to watch the show, I'm being visually assaulted by text messages from a bunch of 14 year olds, sitting in front of their computers trying desperately to be funny...usually by churning out Chuck Norris jokes.

I suppose it makes sense in a way. They took an intelligent technology based network and turned it into an AOL chatroom.

From "Hey, here's a neat little exploit that can squeeze some more performance from your PC" to "OMG Chuck Norris! Lollz! Roflcopter!"

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