Friday, November 09, 2007

Just a thought....

It seems that at least twice a week I need to download updates for Windows XP.

While this is annoying, it appears that every time I need an update to fix yet another security hole, I also have to download the 'Genuine Advantage' application...a bit of software that checks to make sure my copy of Windows isn't pirated.

I'm using an operating system that Microsoft stole from Apple, after Apple stole it from Xerox.

So, basically, I'm using an operating system based on software that was stolen from a company who stole it from another company.

...and they have the balls to check my copy isn't stolen?

Fuck, Bill, the Windows emblem should be a pirate flag. On top of that, you have the balls to block legal software in Vista...because it can be used for piracy.

Oh, I get's only bad when people steal from you.

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