Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Well THAT makes sense...

Flicking through the TV today, I came across a Quizno's ad.

Your usual advertisment stuff, showing you a sandwich that looks absolutely nothing like the sandwich you get at the restaurant.

Finally, at the end of the ad, the voice-over guy (The one who always describes things like sandwiches or wiper blades like you or I would describe a cure for cancer) says:

"...and if you're not 100% satisfied, we'll give you a free sub!"

Now is it just me, or does that make no sense whatsoever?

You buy a sandwich, it tastes like ass, so you make up for it they give you a second 'Ass Sandwich' free of charge?

"This sandwich tastes like donkey balls."
"Oh, I'm sorry you don't like it sir. Would you like another free of charge?"
"But it tastes like donkey balls."
"I know, sir, that's why I'm offering you another one for free."
"But if I can't eat the first one, why would I want a second?"
"Because it's free."
"So why can't I just have my money back?"
"We don't do refunds."
"But you're offering me a second ass-sandwich for free, so by returning my money you'll be out by exactly the same amount you would be for a refund."
"But this way, you get two sandwiches!"

Repeat ad nauseum

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