Sunday, October 01, 2006

More From the Sunny Files

This evening, I sat down at the computer (as is my habit of an evening) and Sunny walked over to tell me something.

As she was talking, I noticed something on her T-Shirt.

A tag where no tag should be.

"Umm, sweetie?" I asked. "Do you realise that not only is your T-shirt back to front, it's also inside out?"

"I know!" She said. "I told you that a couple of hours ago. You never pay attention or notice anything!"

The fact that she noticed her T-shirt was on as wrong as it could possibly be, and then did nothing to correct it can someone wearing a T-shirt that's both back to front and inside out berate me for not noticing things?

1 comment:

Miz S said...

Look....... I was lazy-okay?
I put the thing on in a hurry going to the hospital in an EMERGENCY situation and when I realized it was on all wonky, I was already back home- in the privacy of my own home- and I wasnt having company over and wasn't planning on going back out and YOU was on the computer and wouldn't have even noticed if I Hadnt been standing in front of the screen... so BITE ME.

(Can ya tell I'm PMSing, already?)