Thursday, October 05, 2006

There Might Be Something In This...

Ok, ok, I know I'm boring you all to death with Second Life posts, but this one is actually worth mentioning.

As many of you know (and are tired of hearing of), I've set up shop in Second Life, and surprise, surprise, 'Paulius Designs' has actually become a viable business.

I know. I'm as shocked as you are.

I set up shop with a few freebie vendors, rented some wall space...but what I didn't know until today is that you can track all you in-game transactions from the Second Life website. Because I use freebie vendors, I don't have access to this information in-game.

In other words, I had no idea if my stuff was selling or not. Unless I'm actually playing when someone buys something, I'm not notified of the sale...and remembering exactly how much money I have between log ins is something I didn't really keep track of.

Well today I looked through my finances.

In the two short weeks I've been in business, I've made 1125 Lindens, which comes out to roughly four and a half real dollars.

Of course, when you take rent into account, I've only made about 25 lindens (about eight cents), but that's not my point.

My point is, I've broken even in two weeks, which is incredible, considering the only advertising I have is 'word of mouth'. It also turns out that nearly all of my sales have been at one of my three locations...which means I'll be dropping the other two when my lease expires on them.

That brings my rent down to roughly 500 Lindens a month...meaning I'll be in profit roughly 1750 Lindens a month (that's 7 real dollars).

Now, by now you're probably wondering why I'm so excited over such a small amount of money.

Well, the thing is, sales can only really go up. People buy. Other people ask those people where they got that outfit, the first people tell the second people, and the second people go buy.

I know the people who are buying this stuff like it, because my records show I'm getting repeat sales.

Then the progression is simple. I sell more stuff, make more money, and from there can afford to place my stores at much higher-traffic areas...sell yet more clothes.

Now, I'm a realist. I know I'll never make an actual living off of Second Life, but here's the way I look at it:

However small the amount of money, I'm essentially getting paid to play a game. I enjoy art and messing around in photoshop, and that's what I'm doing to create these clothes.

One of my friends from Second Life put it best. Second Life money is like money out of thin air.

Even if I just make enough to take Sunny to see a movie once a month...who cares? It's like a free movie.

Oh, and if you play SL, buy my stuff. Search for "Paulius Designs"...half price to anyone who sends me a notecard stating the name of this blog.


MC Etcher said...

Very cool!

"Riko" said...

Lol, and which friend was that?

I tried to explain that.. money to play a game thing, to my friend and he's like. WHOA [amount of money here] THAT'S AMAZING. yeah. I was pissed, Hello, 5 bucks adds up! yes it does. yes it does -nods-

MC Etcher said...

OK, now all you have to do is take over a few other clothing merchants, corner the market, build a monopoly!

Hmn, I wonder if there's a program that could turn your designs into real-world patterns?

You could go from making virtual clothes to selling real ones - or at least the patterns. "Love Paulius Designs? Now your real-life avatar can wear them!"

I could learn to sew. Keep me posted.

MC Etcher said...

From the moronic lobe of my brain:

Now that you've come out as a cross-dressing clothing designer, when does your show on Bravo premiere?

Just joking of course - but it's sad that a man can't pursue certain careers without people questioning his sexuality.

Miz S said...

You know i have told paulius that exact thing- a LOT of those designs he's doing i could whip up in RL on the sewing machine in a couple hours
NICE- a SL wardrobe.....but where to wear it?