Thursday, June 09, 2005

Reader Poll

Ok, today's post is a pathetic attempt to mask the fact that I'm too tired and can't be bothered to actually write anything lengthy or worthwhile today.

So instead, I'm conducting a poll

"Who is the best Movie Villain and/or Hero of all time?"

Answers in the comments section please. First 5 people to answer win a special prize (Not really, but I'll send you good thoughts)


Anonymous said...

Superman/Iceman/Batman/Spiderman?! ;-)...( notice that the sequence of the names written come from theme song of the once famous 'Supergran' series?

hehehehe...yeah...u have been posting very lengthy blogs..but they're wonderful to read anyway!

Paulius said...

Thank you very much...I'm flattered. I know my posts are long, but I don't think I have a blog in the traditional sense...I write more 'articles' than journal entries.

(Oh, and it's "Stand back Superman, Iceman, Spiderman, Batman and Robin TOOOoooOOO)

Sorry, that used to be one of my favourite shows as a kid...and the theme was sung by Billy Connolly, my favourite comedian)

Anonymous said...

ok then mr paulius..articles it is then! memory must be failing me!i knew i forgot Robin!..Supergran was one of my fave tv shows back then! :)

Mr.( Ms ) Anonymous Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

I think the greatest hero of all time is Jean Luc Picard.

The greatest villan of all time is Amel Muzz from Dragnet, "Hi I'm Amel Muzz and I'm a Pagan AHH HA HA HA!"

serendipity said...

Best hero - I guess it depends if you mean 'super'hero...because if no i've got to go with Rocky Balboa! That guy is cool!

As for best villain - come on now - surely Darth Vader has to win that one??

Paulius said...


Screw it, I'll type it longhand, it's worth it:


I thought Darth Vader, no question...However, Amel Muzz...

Genius, Sheer Feckin' Genius...and for once I'm not being sarcastic.

Thanks, I'm in a good mood now that will last for days...I'm just that easy to please.

As for Rocky, why the hell not?

Anonymous said...

Amel Muzz, thought you'de like that one wings!! wings....oh no there goes my secret identity....!

Vicarious Living said...

Ok, after seeing Batman Begins I had to come back and post my 2 cents worth. I don't know much about the genre really, but Batman is now my superhero of choice.

As for Villain... well there's always the various baddies of Disney, be it Cruella or Maleficent or the guy from Bambi, not to mention the people who lock up Dumbo's Mom. Damn I hate that movie; it's just so WRONG.