Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Isn’t that kinda pointless?

I just read an article about Prince William secretly spending a night out on the streets sleeping rough in order to 'experience what it's like to be homeless'.

Anyone else think that the whole idea is pointless?

There's only one way to experience what it's like to be homeless and that's to actually be homeless. Quite simply, being 'homeless' doesn't hold any horrors when you know that you'll be back in your nice warm bed, living your lavish, privileged lifestyle within 24 hours. What Prince William actually experienced is what we mere mortals would describe as 'a camping trip'.

It's like going without eating for a day to experience what it's like to starve. It's unpleasant, sure, but I'm sure the real horror of being hungry comes from not knowing when you'll next get to eat…not looking at your watch and planning exactly what you're going to stuff yourself with 24 hours from now.

To be completely honest, I'm sure the whole thing was never intended to be 'secret' and the idea was to draw attention to the homeless problem in London and the charities surrounding it…but I find it incredibly ironic that a member of a family who own numerous mansions, castles…not to mention a freaking 600+ roomed palace is trying to draw attention to and raise money for the homeless.

Here's an idea. How about YOU give away some of the millions that you didn't earn, stop leeching from the British taxpayer and understand how obscene it is for someone living such a privileged lifestyle to try and bring the homeless problem to OUR attention.

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