Thursday, December 24, 2009


So yesterday afternoon, Sunny and I finished the last of our Christmas shopping and realised that with everything paid for, we had just enough for the fees to rescue a kitten from our local animal shelter.

So we did.

We got a three month old tortoiseshell female that we're either gonna call Lucy or Penny.

Logan, of course, isn't all that happy at a new cat on 'his' territory, but he's showing his displeasure just by ignoring everyone...and luckily the new kitten is completely oblivious. She acts like a puppy in a kitten costume. She's just the most happy, playful 'hug me' kitten I've ever seen.

It's FINALLY put me into the Christmas mood.

1 comment:

Sunny said...

I'm sticking with Lucy, mainly because we can call her LUCIFER if her disposition changes!

She really is a sweetheart.

She doesn't even come close to looking like a Penny.