Monday, December 21, 2009

Cold and Frosty Morning

So I was playing with my new camera, or more precisely, the panorama maker software that came with the camera and the 'panorama assist' setting on the camera itself.

Usually, I've found software that stitches images together to be a little hit or miss, but this turned out perfectly, mostly due to the camera itself. The panorama assist not only locks the exposure and focal length for each picture, but actually gives you a transparent overlay of the last image you took so it can line it up with the next absolutely perfectly.

So here's a lovely panoramic view from my front doorstep:

(Oh, and before some smartass points it out, I know how 'amateurish' it is to allow your own shadow to get into a shot you're taking. Well...I am an amateur, so fuck you, and this image was more about testing the software that making something artistic.)

One of the other nifty little features of the Nikon Coolpix S570 is the in-camera auto retouch feature:

The image on the left is the original image, the image on the right is the result of two button presses on the camera (the other nice this is it's non-destructive, it saves the original and puts the retouched version in another folder). I should also point out that these where originally 12megapixel (4000x3000 pictures), that I shrank the panoramic shot was absolutely huge (around 16,000 pixels across) and almost 40mb. You'll have to trust me when I say the level of detail in the originals was outstanding.

Sure, I know that it's nothing more than a quick contrast curve adjustment in Photoshop, but being able to do this in the camera can save an awful lot of time.

So, would I recommend the Coolpix S570 to anyone wanting a good digital point and shoot? Absolutely.

I'll post a full review either tomorrow or the day after.

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