Saturday, September 19, 2009


So, my diabetes meds are going to run out next month, so I called the doctor's office to ask if I'd need to see him or just have the pharmacist call him to authorize more refills.

Turns out that he's decided I need blood work done before he'll authorize more meds. Bloodwork that will cost around three hundred dollars that I can't afford. Apparently I need to have this bloodwork done to check that my dosage doesn't need adjusting…you know, the dosage that was just fine less than three months ago, the same dosage that's been keeping my blood sugar in the ideal range.

I explained the situation. I explained that I'm out of work, have no insurance and simply can't afford three hundred dollars. I also explained I was testing my blood sugar regularly and the meds I'm on now are keeping me well within the safe range.

He didn't want to hear it. He told me that he cannot 'in good conscience' prescribe me more meds without the blood tests that I can't afford.

Hearing an American doctor utter the word 'conscience' is like hearing the head of the KKK talk about racial tolerance.

I mean, isn't it funny that his conscience 'can't allow him' to prescribe me more meds without an expensive test…but that same conscience doesn't bother him at all to let me go completely without the meds he knows I need?

Conscience my ass. What he means is he has an opportunity to screw more money out of another faceless, production line patient because he just fucking loves money. I mean, going without my meds means I'll go blind again or fall into a fucking coma, but three hundred dollars is three hundred dollars. I mean, why should a fucking doctor care about his patients when he has the opportunity to throw another handful of cash onto the pile.

People say America has the best healthcare in the world. No it fucking doesn't. It has the most expensive healthcare, provided by greedy, corrupt doctors who care a hell of a lot more about the health of their bank balances than they do their patients.

I mean, just because the average salary for a GP in this state is almost $200,000, doesn't mean he shouldn't deny a diabetic patient medication because that patient can't pay $300 for a test that costs less than ten dollars to carry out.

You know what? It's fucking disgusting. Anyone who says America has the 'best healthcare in the world' is a fucking moron.

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Anonymous said...

While I feel your pain, being without health ins myself & having medical issues currently...

it is also the doctor.

my doctor waived his fee & got me a handful of free pills to tied me over last time I had to see him

my other long time doc waived one of the tests she ran on me last week cuz it was normal & only charged for the visit & one test that she had to ship to a lab.

some of them do work with you...
good luck finding one!