Saturday, September 05, 2009

A few days ago, one of the people I follow on Twitter had this to say:

"Guys, when you buy a girl a drink, it's just a drink. She doesn't OWE you anything for your 'generosity'."

Ok, let me start by saying I completely agree…but having said that, ladies, I really have to call shenanigans.

You see, whenever this topic comes up, the scenario is always the same. Guy offers girl a drink, girl accepts drink, guy becomes abusive and/or violent when girl won't give him a quickie in the club toilets.

Basically, ladies, I can understand you getting upset when a guy thinks buying you a Bacardi and Coke guarantees him a blowjob…but you have to understand that it's just as annoying for us when you come up to us in a club, flirt like crazy, then vanish into the crowd the second that seventeen-dollar cocktail touches your hand.

I'm sorry if I got the wrong idea, it's just when a girl walks up to me at the bar and tells me how sexy she thinks I am while rubbing up against me, I sort of assume she may be interested in me.

You see, ladies, it's true that, no matter what, you don't owe us anything for buying you a drink…but a drink isn't 'just a drink'. Buying someone a drink is dating-speak for "I am interested in you" and accepting that drink is dating-speak for "I am interested in you as well." Basically, if you're not willing to spend ten or fifteen minutes talking to the guy who bought you your drink, don't accept it. There are exceptions, of course, but that's the general rule.

Ok, ladies, I want you to imagine something:

You've had an awesome night out when an absolutely gorgeous guy strikes up a conversation with you while you wait for a cab ride home. Things are going so well that when he asks if you want to share a cab, you take him up on it. However, when the cab pulls up outside his house, he gets out, puts his head through the window and says "Thanks for the free cab ride, you ugly bitch!" Then takes off.

That's what it feels like when you're manipulated into buying someone a drink who then immediately takes off. It's saying "You have absolutely no chance with me whatsoever, but that's not going to stop me using you for free drinks…and you're so dumb I can get a drink out of you by batting my eyelashes."

Basically, ladies, you don't owe us anything…but a drink is not just a drink.


Sunny said...

I totally agree- but I also have a question for you. If you're in a club, having dinner or drinks with a friend, and a guy sends over a drink but doesn't come over himself, is it okay to accept the drink? Or is that giving the wrong impression? All these stupid social rules drive me NUTS!! And I'm not even in the dating pool anymore.(THANK GOD!!)

Evan 08 said...

Even if the guy sends you the drink, don't accept it if you're not interested.

Anonymous said...

Learned when I was 19 to not except a drink unless I was A: interested or B: don't accept drink.

I know gals who scam for a drink but they aren't my friends!

sorry this sucks for guys.. but have you considered leting a gal buy her own drinks and just say "hey, I am interested in you?"