Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back at ya

About a week ago, my dear darling wife Sunny wrote a post about how she hates it when 'people' take bottles from the fridge, then 'they' put the almost empty bottle back.

We live alone...I wonder who those 'people' are?

Well, anyway, I thought this time I'd mention that what I hate is when 'people' get into the really annoying habit of consistently taking a cans of delicious, delicious orange soda from the fridge, taking a couple of sips and then leaving the rest.

Then, when I get a craving for citrus flavored deliciousness, I go to the fridge and find there's none left...and to add insult to injury I find two or three cans of almost full, but warm and flat day-old soda around the house.

Sometimes I wish 'people' would learn to only open a soda if they're going to drink at least half of it.


delmer said...

There's an All in the Family episode in which Archie goes to the fridge for a glass of milk. He pulls out a mostly-empty quart and pours a trickle of milk into a glass. He repeats that step with another mostly-empty quart, then a third mostly-empty quart.

In the end he has less than a full glass of milk.

I think Meat Head was responsible for returning mostly empty quart to the fridge.

I'm not saying either your or Sunny are Meat Heads, just that your situation reminds me of something that happened in an old sit-com.

Sunny said...

LOL- touch`e my darling hubby. In that persons defense, usually those cans are left accidentally when she-I mean they - have to go off to work or run errands. She- I mean THEY- also forget their lunch at home as well so we- I mean you- both suffer from her- I mean THEIR- forgetfulness.

And to be honest- we HAVE had visitors who have left empty containers in the fridge as well. So it's not

Delmer- I think Meat Head would have been the perfect name for BOTH our dogs. Maybe THEY're the ones doing all this annoying stuff to Paulius and me!!!!

Paulius said...

Excuses, excuses...I cleaned off the desk a few weeks ago and found no less than FOUR almost full cans of delicious orange soda.

"People" don't have to leave for errands THAT often.