Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"Smash Lab"

Idiot: “This 'Mythbusters' show is going through the roof! We need another Mythbusters!”

Sane Person: “Why do we need another Mythbusters? We already have Mythbusters.”

Idiot: “But if we have two shows like Mythbusters we’ll make a ton of money!”

Sane Person: “Not really, a copy will never be as good as the original, people who don’t like Mythbusters won’t like a copy of it…and people who do like Mythbusters won’t like it either.”

Idiot: “Nah, we know what makes Mythbusters popular, so we can do it again!”

Sane Person: “What makes Mythbusters popular? You mean the scrutiny of conventional wisdom? The spectacular experiments? The interplay of Adam’s child-like cheekiness and Jamie’s ultra-serious, no-nonsense approach? The schoolyard atmosphere? The downright comedic moments mixed with occasional hard science? The amazing mix of complimentary personalities?”

Idiot: “No! Building stuff and blowing stuff up! Get a show with some inventors that break things and it’ll be awesome!”

Sane Person: “I resign.”

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