Saturday, August 16, 2008

Come On!!!

I hear this week on a British Radio show that a town council has made the decision to prohibit the word ‘brain-storming’ in council meetings.


Because it may offend the mentally unstable.

I have a few questions about this:

1) What sort of mind thinks this shit up?

2) Who thinks this is a good use of time and taxpayer’s money? Think about it, someone had to bring this up and they had to hold a meeting to discuss and reach this decision.

3) Which council has mentally unstable people in their meetings?

In other British news, some idiot politician has put forward the idea that when police are conducting raids on places like drug dens or terrorist hideouts, they should do everything in their power to make sure the people in the place they’re raiding aren’t allergic or afraid of dogs.

Yeah, these people are filling the streets with crack or planning which building they’re going to blow up, but it would be totally wrong to use a K9 unit in case one got bitten when they were younger.

The politicians also thought that police raiding suspected Islamic terrorists’ homes should do so barefoot, because apparently it’s a huge religious faux-pas to walk into a muslim home wearing your shoes.

Before you start laughing at the Brits, it turns out the America can be just as ridiculous:

On July 9th, Dallas County Commisioner Kenneth Mayfield noted that central collections for the county "has become a black hole" because of lost paperwork. Since then County Judge Thomas Jones has demanded an apology from Mayfield for using ‘Racially insensitive terminology’.

Now correct me if I’m wrong here…


I mean, these people must have so much white guilt that they literally spend every moment of their lives listening for anything that could in any way, possibly be misconstrued as something prejudiced…just so they can jump up and down, draw attention to it and say “Look how un-prejudiced I am!”

There’s racial sensitivity and there’s ridiculous over-sensitivity…usually demonstrated by rich white people who are not only wasting everyone’s time, but don’t realize how downright patronizing they are to the people they seem so determined not to offend.

I mean, ‘Black hole’? A black hole is a theoretical scientific phenomenon that occurs when a massive star dies and creates such high gravity that everything gets sucked in.

It’s a hole, because it sucks stuff in and nothing can get out, and it’s black because not even light can escape, which makes it…well…black.

Not a bad metaphor for an office that keeps losing paperwork. Paperwork keeps going in and is never seen again.

So why is a judge more concerned that a Commissioner used the word ‘black’ in a metaphor than central collections for the county loses most of it’s paperwork.

Where does this end?

When I’m drawing I use black India ink. Is that offensive? Am I offending black people and people from India? I also use grease-pencils that are known as China Markers…is that offensive as well? I mean, am I reducing the culture of China to nothing more than a manufacturer of grease pencils?

It’s bullshit, plain and simple.

(Only I shouldn’t say bullshit in case I upset any ranchers.)


delmer said...

And you know they brainstormed to come up with the idea of doing away with "brainstorming."

The dumbass didn't know what a black hole was? We need more sci-fi in our schools

Evanesce In 2008 said...

What a bunch of retards. Oops... I guess I just offended the mentally challenged. Let me try again. What a bunch of idiots. Oops... there I go again. I'll just shut up now.

Kelly said...

Why does this stuff even surprise you anymore? You know the kind of dumb dipshits we're dealing with!