Monday, September 01, 2008

The Cake Is a Lie.

At this time last year I promised myself that in 2008 I’d be in a financial position where I could go to PAX 2008.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I didn’t make it. No emoticon can even come close to expressing how sad I am that I missed it.

…especially since I missed real-life Guitar Hero Jonathan Coulton and Felicia Day from ‘The Guild’ singing ‘Still Alive’ live.

It really did break my heart, tear it to pieces and throw all the pieces in a fire.

(In case you have no idea who Jonathan Coulton is…that last line makes me sound a little emo. Ask a geek friend to explain the reference.)

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Kato said...

I'm with you man. I almost didn't want to watch my Twitter feed cause all this juicy, awesome stuff was flowing by about what was going on at PAX. Joystiq was PAX news all weekend. And I was at home cleaning the house.

My girlfriend, sweetheart that she is, said "We can go next year!" which is awesome, except that part of me is like "But... I still missed all the cool stuff this year."

Felcia Day + JoCo = Nerdgasm.