Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well, now I just feel bad.

A few weeks ago I posted about how terrible Trust customer service was. I’d searched their website looking for a replacement stylus for my tablet, couldn’t find one, so I emailed them asking how to order one.

I got an email back saying “You can order one from us for ten euro”.

Great right? All information is technically correct, but absolutely useless. Kinda like asking someone for directions to their house and them telling you to ‘drive there in your car’.

I wrote back, asking where on the website I can find it…and got exactly the same email back. “You can order one from us for ten euro.”

So last week, I wrote again, explaining in detail that I know I can order one from them…and that it costs ten Euro…but I needed to know how to order one considering it wasn’t in their product catalogue.

Two days later I got an email from them saying if I send them my mailing address I can order one through email.

So I did just that. I emailed them my mailing address…and asked how and when I was supposed to pay.

To be honest, I was getting sick of the whole thing. Ten euros is about 15 dollars. Shipping from Europe was probably going to be another twenty…for an extra fifteen bucks I could just drive to the store and buy a whole new tablet, which would save me a lot of hassle.

Then yesterday I got the following email:

Dear Sir,

We sent your replacement pen today. This one is free, however, next time you will need to order one from us for ten Euro.

Now, normally, I’d be singing Trust’s praises. I got dicked around for a couple of weeks, but in the end I got my replacement stylus for free…which would normally make me feel like a valued customer and I’d be sure to give them repeat business.

However, I just feel kinda bad.

You see, I’m not actually a Trust customer. I bought my tablet from Medion. My tablet is in essence a Trust tablet…in that it’s exactly the same hardware and uses the same drivers… but my tablet manufactured and sold under license by a totally different company.

I only attempted to order a replacement stylus from Trust because Medion don’t sell them, and I knew Trust’s stylus will be compatible.

So, one half of me is just happy that I scored a free stylus. He other part of me just feels guilty because Trust is sending me that pen to keep me as a ‘happy customer’…when the truth is they’ve never seen a penny of my money.

Oh well…I suppose I never officially stated that I was a customer of theirs. I just asked them if I could order a replacement stylus for a compatible tablet.

Them’s the breaks.

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