Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not the best week I've ever had.

Well, as you can probably guess, after getting a notice from the local hospital informing me that they’re brutally raping my bank account because I cost them one Q-tip and a $2 pill…I’ve not been in the best of moods this week.

Actually, I tell a lie. It’s not fair to say that I wasn’t in the best of moods. It would be more fair to say that I have been stalking around the house like a Vengeful Thunder God…cursing anything that gets in my way. (Let’s just say Barney will think twice before looking at me that way again).

In the (almost) words of the great Tycho Brahe, I metaphorically climbed to the top of my dark tower, cupped my chin in my hand and thought of winter.

Then, yesterday morning I woke up, walked out to the mailbox, only to discover that they’d sent me the same bill again. Two copies of the same bill in three days. It’s almost as if they’re gloating.

I can see them in my minds eye:

“Hey Steve, can you believe that people actually pay this shit?”

“I know! I’m just amazed people aren’t rioting in the streets over this!”

“Hey look, here’s that guy we tricked into paying eight hundred dollars for a cotton ball and a single pill.”

“Ha! Dumbass…Hey! Send him the bill again!”


“Because he might be back in a good mood by now.”


Well, anyway, I thought my luck was changing. Along with the bill in my mailbox was my replacement stylus for my tablet.

Great. I thought. I can finally get back to work on my comic!

So I walk back to the house, open the packaging and I’m happy to see that the stylus even comes battery included! Bonus!

So I plug in my tablet, open up Photoshop and see that the new stylus effectively solves all the problems I had with the broken one.

I’m not so happy to see that it’s created whole new ones.

You see, my old stylus just seemed to randomly turn itself on and off. I’d try to draw a solid line and end up getting a broken one. Imagine drawing with a normal pen that stops and starts the ink flowing randomly. It had also gotten to the point where I had to really push down hard on the pen to get it to actually draw.

The new pen had none of that. It would draw with the barest touch on the tablet. It would draw a solid line when I wanted it to.

However, what it does do it jitter like crazy and lags randomly.

So, it’s like trying to draw with a really shaky hand. Try and draw a curve at anything approaching normal speed, and it’s like it knows where the pen is at the start of the curve, knows where it is at the end…so just draws a straight line between the two.

At this point I wasn’t too upset. It wasn’t working before, the replacement pen cost me nothing, so I’m not actually any worse off.

Then I made the mistake of going online to see what a really good Wacom tablet would cost me.

The model I liked?

$850. Almost exactly what the fucking hospital is stealing from me.

Yup, it’s not been the best week.

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