Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some people...

A couple of months ago I got some email from a spammer who can only be described as having Brass Balls.

Basically, he’d spammed my comments with an ad and link to one of those bullshit sites that sell knockoff Viagra. What actually surprised the hell out of me was that he emailed me to say the link in his comment was out of date, so would I mind editing his comment to reflect his new shitty fake Viagra site.

I’d somehow missed his original spam (usually I delete those instantly)…but I just couldn’t believe that a freaking spammer was asking me to update the spam he’d left on my blog.

So I found his comment, deleted it and emailed him…using a few choice words describing exactly what I thought about him.

Yesterday, over two months later he replied. I can honestly say I’ve not laughed that hard in a long, long time.

Here was a guy who’s entire business revolves around selling products that don’t work…and doing that by leeching off other people’s hard work and effort. Believe it or not, I didn’t spend two years writing millions of works and building up a readership just so some asshole can use my site to say:

“Hey, great post! If you want cheap Viagra, go to!!!!1!”

I mean, he obviously wasn’t a reader because the post he actually ‘commented’ on was one where I basically made fun of ‘male enhancement’ products.

Anyway, when I opened the email I was expecting a lot of four letter words, instead the freaking idiot actually tried to claim the moral high-ground. How dare I take that tone with him? He was a professional! How dare I pollute his inbox with trash?

It’s a surreal experience when someone spams your blog, clogs your comments with links to knockoff Viagra sites, attempts to exploit your hard work by piggybacking their ‘business’ off your hard work…then acts like they’ve been personally wronged when you tell them to fuck off and that you certainly won’t update their spam so my traffic can be used to get more customers to his little ‘business’.

If he writes back again, I’m going to give him a taste of his own medicine. Let’s see how a spammer likes it when I subscribe his email address to every porn and ‘free viagra’ site I can think of.

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