Saturday, May 24, 2008


Last night Sunny and I were watching a movie when I see her fall asleep about halfway through. She does this a few times, wakes up, watches a few minutes of TV, falls back asleep again, repeat.

So, when I saw her awake I asked her if she wanted to go to bed. This was around 1.30am.

We get into bed and after an hour or so I realize I'm just not going to get to sleep. the insomnia monster strikes again.

Anyway, not wanting to get up (Sunny hates it when I do that), I persevere until about 5.30 in the morning until I just decide to call it quits and get out of bed.

Like I said, Sunny hates it when I do this, even though I've explained to her a hundred times that by asking me to stay in bed she's basically asking me to lie down in the dark, in complete silence for 7 hours or so.

Oo I get out of bed as quietly as possible. I know Sunny wanted to clean the house today, so I figure if I'm awake I'll do something constructive.

Well, obviously firing up the vacuum cleaner is out of the question, so I go into the kitchen and start washing dishes...there was about four day's worth, so I washed dishes until I ran out of hot water. (Our water heater is tiny.)

I go back into the living room to wait for the water heater to do it's magic, and remember that Sunny had told me that my stepdaughter's computer wasn't working properlly and, if it was okay with me, we'd go over there this weekend so I could fix it. So I spend half an hour on the internet looking up the problem to see if there are any easy fixes.

Once that was done, I remembered that Miss Jennifer is bringing baby Clay for a visit today, and Sunny had told me that Miss Jennifer had said that if I gave her a couple copies of my resume, she might be able to land me a job at Lockheed Martin. So I open my resume and decide to completely re-do it so it looks more professional.

When I was finished with that, I decided to go onto monster, careerbuilder and a few other job search sites.

It was at this exact moment that Sunny's head pops around the door. She sees me sitting at the computer with a cup of coffee in my hand, says "God dammit!" and storms off back to the bedroom.

So, I can't sleep, and rather than spend 7 hours lying in the dark, I get up, wash dishes, research how to fix her daughter's computer, update my resume and look for a job...and I still end up on the shit list...

Sometimes you can't win for losing.


Sunny said...

And as I said earlier- I only get to actually SLEEP with you occasionally- when I'm off work.

So-Bite me.

That said- it was WONDERFUL to wake up to a cleaned kitchen- thank you, my love.

Kelly said...

awww, i'm playing the worlds smallest violin for you here - can you hear it? LMAO